Rules and Regulation


TITANS’ PUBLIC SCHOOL with an objective to obtain highest levels of educational standards on the part of the pupil and parents. expects you to observe the following norms—


1. Student should be in the school campus by 8:2Oam.

2. The school gates will close at 8:40 am.

3. All the children should go directly to their classroom.

4. Parents are requested to see that their child attend school punctually and regularly.

5. The child should be picked up by the parent from the school campus sharp by 2.15 pm and from the bus-stops at their respective timing without fail.

6. Students should be present for the school assembly everyday.

7. Regular late corners will be sent back home.


1. Parents should hand over their child to the Gateman/home guards, school ground staff or to the class teacher.

2. Under no circumstances children should be left outside the school premises by the parents.

3. Students will be allowed to leave the school premises before log-out time with the permission of the concerned authority, only if either of the parents comes to pick up the child. The child will not be released with the guardians or house-helpers.

4. In case the student is ill/sick while in the school, the school office /class teacher will call the contact nos./mobile nos. listed on the emergency contact card. If the nature of the emergency requires immediate medical attention, the Principal or teacher may call the Medical Officer! doctor to school or take the child to the nearest clinic.

5. Safety of your child is of utmost importance to us.


1. Regularity of attendance and punctuality are important in the academic progress of the child and in His/Her character training.

2. Students who are late or have been absent should have the reason for irregularity.

3. Absenteeism of any nature should be communicated to the class teacher or Principal.

4. Parents should avoid taking extra vacations during regular schools as it leads to a lot of backlog for the child to cover-up.

5. A written excuse from the parent of an absent student must be presented to the teacher when the student rejoins tbs school.

6. Leave during examination is not permitted.

7. The school will not take re-examination/postpone? pre-pone any written examination in case the child remains absent for the exam.


1. Students should come to school in complete, neat and clean uniform. The uniform must be regularly ironed.

2. Blow outs, jells, pump or fancy hair styles and hair colours are not allowed in the school.

3. Nail polish, make-up, jewellery and accessories should not be worn in the school.

4. Girls should tie their long hair in pony/plait and use only black color pins and hairbands.

5. Boys hair length should not exceed collar length.

6. Cleanliness, hygiene, and neatness are to be observed dutifully.


1. In case of transfer of parent or withdrawal from school, the parents should inform about their decision to the Principal atleast three months prior. It will be mandatory for the parents to sign an official Withdrawal Form in the school office.

2. The parents will have to clear all the dues/outstanding before withdrawal of the ward from the school.


1. SCHOOL FEES is to be paid regularly.

2. Fees defaulters will have to pay penalties and may have to face the action taken by the authorities.


1. Toys , comics, mobile phones, electronic devices, fancy video games, tablets, fancy expensive compass box, should not be sent to school.

2. Students should not carry money to school.

3. The required number of subject books should be sent to school daily.

4. Schools bags should be made of lighter material to avoid weight.

5. Tiffins should be sent regularly with healthy food.


1. Titans’ school ensures 100% participation of each ch.

2. Every student must participate in all the school activities.

3. Parents, when called to school for the event should spare time to visit the school events to motivate and appreciate children.


1. TITANS’ school has provided the Meeting Schedule for the parents/guardians for any concern.

2. Parents may not seek to meet the teachers during class hours unless permission is sought out through appointment

3. Seeking telephonic appointment for meeting the Principal is mandatory.


1. Students are expected at all times to behave obediently and respectfully towards the teachers and staff of the school.

2. Screaming, shouting, throwing tantrums are not allowed.

3. Taking care of younger ones in the school is the duty of each elder student in the school.

4. Discipline is exercising self —control.

5. Any kind of misconduct in the school premises may lead to cancellation of admission.Edit