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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Warm Welcome to TITANS’ Public School!

TITANS’ Public School is a venture of Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society (VYWS). It is a place where we have committed ourselves to the vision of raising achievement, nurturing aspirations and enriching partnerships. VYWS has built a reputation for the quality of its work, from developing teaching and learning to the extra-curricular opportunities across the Globe.

There is no doubt that the achievement of students is built upon the partnership between students, parents, and school.

The school has chosen to place itself at the forefront of educational development, the focus on developing learning environments and a commitment for TITANS’ Public School to be inclusive, with unique and eclectic teaching methods, emphasizing the role of imagination in learning and to integrate holistic development of each child.

As a school, we recognize the importance of the global dimension and the need to prepare our students with the cross-cultural competency skills to take their place in an ever-changing global scenario. Our vision is to inspire every child to become worthy Global Citizens, a pride of human race and a potential light of the world.

The school takes pride in its innovative and rich curriculum. We place a strong emphasis on working with parents and the community, enabling all students to maximize their abilities, ambitions, and academic potential in everything they do. The teaching staff creates and implements activities that are interesting, relevant, and valuable. They also collaborate to organize Theme Days that connect to the curriculum and that include the participation of the parents and community. Community Outreach activities are adopted as extensions of the Theme Days to promote citizenship and civil and civil responsibility. We provide a happy and safe environment within which our students can experience opportunities inside the classroom and beyond.

At TITANS’ Public School, we instill in every child our core values – Integrity, Love, Empathy, Appreciation, Respect, Nurture, Enthusiasm, and Resilience. Together with our holistic program we hope to set the foundation for a lifelong love of learning, character building, and social skills.

As a parent, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is selecting the right Public for your child, for it is here that attitudes and dispositions to learning are formed, and of course, these stay with the child throughout their lives.

TITANS’ Public School’s Kids will find learning experience full of fun, fruitful and enriching when they will seamlessly transit into the next phase of their education.

So, looking forward to celebrating the joy of childhood and the wonder of learning and exploring at TITANS’.

It is a great pleasure to Welcome you all to the TITANS’ Public School 2017-2018.

“The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams”

Sweta Paithankar

Director, Titans’ Group of Schools

& Principal, Titans’ Public School

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